quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2012


Sup, fellas!

About one of tonight's post (yep, there will be more later, just hold on!), I'll let the mentor of the project, Tom Lugo, I'm talking about speark for himself first:

"Shishi 石獅 (Imperial Guardian Lion) , an indiepop group formed in 2012 in the suburbs of Philadelphia.They blend stylish beats, pop synths, shoegaze guitars to create a refreshing and unique approach to indiepop songwriting".

Sounds good, huh? But it is even better than I've imagined! ShiShi just have one single, the fresh-newborn "Nick of Time", which you can listen right below in the bandcamp link. They (Tom and Jamie, the last one being responsable for the vox) follow a very electronic Shoegaze-esque Dream Pop approach, which relate them to some recent acts like Screen Vinyl Image as much as old school classic people in the vein of Black Tambourine, Cocteau Twins (yep, I hear some strong echoes coming from the beloveth Garlands era) and even New Order! I'm not what you call a great fan of this electronic approach in Indie, Shoegaze and etc. music, but these guys have really caught my eye (and ear drums!), and otally deserve a few minutes of your attention! ;)

bandcamp / facebook / soundcloud

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