quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2012


Swirlies was born around 1990 at Boston, USA, whose main members are Damon Tuntinjian and Seana Carmondy. They have never really disbanded, although they just make concerts once in a blue moon since the '00s. But never mind, as they already digged their special homeland at the Shoegaze microcosmos. Their sonic approach has a more noisy, lo-fi edge than their british mates, which gives them a closer vibe to acts such as the lo-fi masters of Guided By Voices or even the early era of Sonic Youth, as examples. But their music is not that simple, as their "rougher" approach of their songs are also well sprinkled with sugared female vocals and poppy melodies, which embraces all the album in sheets of tenderness, haziness and oneiric delirium.

I'll let the Blonder Tongue Audio Baton (as far as I'm concerned, this record was named after a very obscure graphic equalizer made in the early '60 and it was largely used at the recording of the album) right below. For me, it's a gem of one of the few "old school" Shoegaze bands coming from North America, so it's mandatory that everyone connected to Shoegaze, Noise Pop or any breed of  '90 Alternative Rock should listen to it at least once in your lifetime.

get it!

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