sexta-feira, 27 de julho de 2012

Broken Water

Raising from Olympia, WA, they're one of my most pleasant musical discoveries of the last two or three months. This power trio (yes, they deserve the adjctive "power") are dedicated to make noise, harsh and loud, and accomplish it majestically! Their sonic universe draws many tones from Shoegaze related acts like the well-beloved Jesus and Mary Chain and Black Tambourine, of course, but I can see they must praise Sonic Youth as their biggest influence (you will SWEAR Thurston Moore is singing at the second track, "Coming Down"). Of course, it's not a matter of copying and pasting. Some kind of tribute, that's how I think. As if it isn't good and crazy enough, there are some pieces sung in japanese language. We all know j-people are very inspired when it comes to make noise, right? so... now you can forecast what's going on here. ;)

I'll let the brand new record, Tempest, right below. That's a must for everyone Shoegaze, Noise Pop, No-wave, Grunge related. Enjoy! :)

get it! (new link from Mega)

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