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Failure started around 1990 by the hands of Greg Edwards and Ken Andrews at the sunny lands  of California. Although they failed (sic) to reach some airplay or mainstream attention even in the Grunge era, they were highly influential at the time of their existence, which lasted about eight years, and its impact is felt until nowadays. These guys decided to bring all the fuzzyness of the typical early '90 U.S.A. Alternative Rock to a whole new level by giving more care to musical production (they did it themselves!) and the craft of sonic textures and atmospheres than their flanneled mates used to do. The results: three gems, Comfort (1992), Magnified (1994) and Fantastic Planet (1996), specially the last two of them. You will find some of the craziest lyrics around from the genre and some of the greatest songs too, imo. I get confused every time I listen to them, wondering how couldn't they reach any kind of repercussion?! They could (and should) be big.

The good part is, even if Failure is no more for almost 15 years, their members remain very active. Andrews was part of some acts like On and Year of the Rabbit at the early '00 and works mainly as a musical productor. Greg Edwards created the Noise Pop, somewhat Shoegazely band called Autolux (there's one song from them at mixtape #01, coincidence, isn't it?), and live guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen joined A Perfect Circle shortly after Failure's demise (as a coincidence too, APC covered "The Nurse Who Loved Me" in their second record. Of course, it has no relation at all...).

This time, I decided to let their three studio albuns for you, instead of just one. Enjoy!

update: New links for Comfort, Magnified and Fantastic Planet, besides the '04 Golden compilation of rarities and unreleased songs. Enjoy! :)


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get it! (new link from Mega)

Fantastic Planet:

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get it!

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