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Throwing Muses

Hailing from Rhode Island circa 1981, headed by the stepsisters Tanya Donelly and Kristin Hersh, Throwing Muses is one of the most emblematic acts of the 4AD label, specially at their early days (early days of the band and the label itself, I should say). About their music? Well... they're very hard to categorize, since they've never got stuck in a single genre or any sonic label, however, it's very easy to see great influences from the 4AD mates (Cocteau Twins, Wolfgang Press) and, of course, some Shoegaze-ish acts in the likes of CranesLush and The Breeders (Tanya Donelly, in fact, was a member of Breeders during its Last Splash era, besides being part of the band called Belly, whose song Dusted was featured in the mixtape #01 in this same blog) specially in the later years of Throwing Muses.

To sum it up, a  dark, hazy and oozy piece of unorthodox Rock, often bittersweet but still candid and uplifting at the core. They released a handful of awesome albuns from the late '80 to the mid '90, and a "single son" album at 2003. Despite their little to no activity in the recent years, they've never broken up, and rumours says they have a demo of a new album recorded at 2011, so, let's wait to see what may come... 

I'm dropping right below my favorite album of them, called University, released at 1995. Imho, their best effort so far, featuring their strongest songwiriting and a perfect balance between the foggy delirium of their early ears and the bittersweetness energy of the early '90 Alternative Rock. A great record for windy, partly cloudy Sunday afternoons. 

So... I guess there's nothing left to say in here. Just enjoy! :)

update: Re-upload of the University album, besides a link for '91 The Real Ramona. Enjoy! ;)

Get it! (new link from Mega)

Get it!

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