segunda-feira, 25 de novembro de 2013

Soviet Soviet

Soviet Soviet started its activities at 2008, based in Pesaro, Italy (btw, there's a nice stream of obscure italian bands coming up, don't you think?). They have an EP, from 2010 and a full-length Nice, released one year after, which is nothing but the previous EP with a handful of unreleased songs. Since the first notes, you notice the great influence of Post-Punk they draw, with a strong 1980's vibe and such, but they aren't exactly a Joy Division re-interpretation as you must be wondering. The vocals aren't exaclty gloomy and monotonous  and the songs aren't exactly what you'd call melancholic and gritty, as it's usual for the genre. Of course, they must have spun many hours of Unknown Pleasures and Closer at their players of headphones, but it's the Killing Joke and Wire vein that really stands up as main references. Of couse, currently rising-up (and awesome) Post-Punk bands such as Motorama, Human Tetris anda little bit of the also italian Be Forest also come to our minds when popping up this album.

A very nice surprise that arrived in my ears at the last couple of months, for sure. They use a lot of retro cultural elements (just look at their names!) and references, but they're not simply satisfied to get stuck at the past, but use it as a reference to craft a corrosive, acid, fresh (and kinda badass-ish) sound that is capable to please not only hungry Post-Punk fans, but also those into the coler-than-ice tides of Coldwave and the darker side of the Shoegaze Universe, where the likes The KVB, The Soft Moon, Ceremony, etc. belong. more than deserveful of attention in this space. 

Update: Soviet Soviet debut album, titled Fate, is out! One of the brightest 2013 albums for sure. Enjoy! 



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