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Loomer (BR)

Loomer is a four-piece hailing from southern Brazil who came to light at mid-2008 and, since then, have been dedicated to make some of the nicest noise of the most recent history of this country. As the name indicates, their main influences are the feedback-fueled legacy left by Mr. Shields and its gang, as well as highly beloved names such as Ride, Swervedriver, Dinosaur Jr., Pixies, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Teenage Fanclub and many others that made the late '80 and early '90 the holy graal for the Alternative Rock. Despite their well-stabilished influences, their sonic world is very rich and original enough to have their own face and stand up for itself, unlike many copycats we see popping up at every corner of the Earth, therefore, it's not a surprise they became a reference when it comes to brazilian underground, sounding fresh and evolvent even among the high level bands that are blooming bright and healthy in the last four-five years or so. They've only released two eps across their careet, the '09 Mind Drops and '10 Coward Soul, both really astonishing, and their debut full-length is schedules for the last weeks of 2013. However, they released a single taken from this album about three days ago, You Wouldn't Anyway, a really good teaser for this forthcoming work that I (and probably many of us) are really eager to put our ears on.

You can stream and get this brand new single at the name-your-price method from their label, midsummer madness, right below, as well as a free download link from sinewave page for the Coward Soul EP, or free-stream their earlier EPs at the midsummer madness homepage. Either way, I hope you enjoy it all  the way it's deserved!

update:  You Wouldn't Anyway full-length is available for free download at sinewave page. One of greatest albums of 2013, just get it and stream it through your ears without thinking twice. ;)

bandcamp (single)

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