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TheDunes was conceived in late 2010 as a duo consisting, originally, of Matt from Adelaide, Australia, beside USA-born singer Stacie. Since then, the duo released its maiden EP, a two-song minimalistic work called Going Under, then became a four-piece and started drawing attention at the local scene, playing some concerts and refining their lush, Dream Pop-ish soundsphere, which resulted in the Between Night And Dawn EP, from late 2012, and La Musique Noveau, which came to light a few weeks ago.  As I mentioned before, their sonic world blends the best moments of the 4AD and Projekt microcosmos, with Cocteau Twins - of course! - being the main reference,  even though it's possible to notice deep inspiration from surreal, hypnotic acts such as Love Spirals Downwards, Autumns's Grey Solace, Tearwave and many more. They're pretty much resonant with another great act I posted here not long ago, Lights That Change, although TheDunes sounds even more ethereal and hazily laid-back comparing to the british group. 

Despite being only 3-year old, the band shows a lot of maturity and huge potential to reach even higher standards in the very near future. It's really really nice to see so many bands dedicating themselves to recreate, or even revive, this kind of oneiric music, which is always so underrated and underappreaciated. All their material released so far is available for free-streaming at their soundcloud page, as you can see by just scrolling down this post. So, let us drown in the celestial bliss and enjoy their work the way it's deserved! 

2013 - La Musique Noveau:

2012 - Between Night And Dawn:

2011 - Going Under:

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