quinta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2013


Jessamine is probably one of the most interesting (and idyosincratic) act to come from the Pacific Northwest (later moving to Ohio) during the early '90. While the world was being dominated by the Grunge wave, Jessamine's musicanship was much more based on the british scene than its flanneled fellows, incorporating a wide range of elements such as Space Rock, Drone and even Krautrock in its sonic soup. After releasing its first demo material at 1993-94, they called attention from the legendary label Kranky, who released its self-titled debut at 1994. Although this album flew under the radar back then, it was surely one of the peak moments of the (really) noisy music of the mid-'90, when Shoegaze scene had already faded to a distant dream and many bands were already dissolving or disappearing from our line of sight. After the debut, they released two more records until its demise at 1999, both really stellar, although not on pair with the debut. That's why it's featured right below on .flac version, for your enjoyment and discovery in case you didn't have a chance to taste Jessamine's beautiful noise for whatever reasons (that I expect is not laziness or pure musical illiteracy...).

Well, as usual, just enjoy!

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  1. holy cow thank you so much, i have the other two but not this one!

  2. could you possibly post is in just MP3?