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Implodes is a Chicago-based ensemble whose core is maintained by guitarists Matt Jencik and Ken Camden around the late '00. By 2011, the world saw the birth of Implodes' debut, Black Earth, and I'm sure many were mesmerized by the hypnotic soundscapes they crafted through the  ~45 minutes of its total length, as well as their '2013 Recurring Dream, released a few months ago. As they are signed to Kranky Records, the comparisions between some of the greatest names in modern noisy music were readily drawn, such as jesu, Mogwai, Flying Saucer Attack, as well as labelmates such as Belong, Windy & Carl, besides former Krankyheads such as Jessamine. However, I'd be lying if I didn't say Implodes' music has a strong identity and stands up for itself very easily with their mix of pitch-black Drones, endless waves of feedback and the traditional gloominess of Post Punk hidden deep beneath this thick layers of narcotic noise. 

For sure they are one of the most talented bands out there which weren't really discovered even by most of the gazers, droners, and fuzzheads in general, and I hope this scenario will be reverted very soon. That's why both albums are available here for downloading, hoping you enjoy it the way it's deserved!

2013 - Recurring Dream

get it

2011 - Black Earth

get it

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