sábado, 19 de outubro de 2013

Black Hearted Brother

Well, since early August, much has been said about this Black Hearted Brother (BHB - not to be confused with Backstreet Boys, kids! -) project. For those who were not on the solar system during the last couple of months, BHB consists of Neil Halstead, the mind behind the legendary Slowdive and Mojave 3, Mark Van Hoen, who was originally from Ambient-Electronica-Shoegaze act Seefeel, besides Nick Holton, who leads Holton' Opulant Oog and has taken duties on the production of last Halstead's solo work. A certain buzz was made over the announcement of this project with its single (I don't mean to) wonder, a brilliant track which channels the best moments of Slowdive through modern lenses, with some Electronica here and there to cover it with an even sweeter taste. Scheduled to be released on October 22th, Stars Are Our Home is a rich twelve-song compilation of really stellar-like Space Rock quality, and although obvious references to Slowdive and Seefeel can be noticed, this album sounds really fresh and modern, relating them with cosmonaut acts like God Is An Astronaut, M83, and the swedish Postiljonen without losing any bit of identity. 

This is, for sure, one of top-notch 2013 moments in music, and every living person on the Earth who claims him/herself a fuzz lover should deeply admire this shimmering piece of work. Well, hope you enjoy it!

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