sexta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2013

Hella Comet

Hella Comet (HC) is a very nice act hailing from Graz, Austria, dedicated to guitar exploring, dense walls of feedback and noise and sonic trips into the space-time continuum. They only released two albums so far, a 10'' EP on Abril 2011 and the EP Celebrate Your Loss, released on early 2010, in which they combine Sonic Youth-esque Noise Rock with Post Rock, Shoegaze, Space Rock and even Electronic experimentation. The fact they're still a deeply obscure name into everyone's subconsciousness remains a mystery for me, as they have all the necessary qualities to praise every fan of weird forms of Alt. Rock.

Well, underrated or not, here I provide a link for both works, all available at name-your-price method. I hope you enjoy it!

//Resurfacing this post to talk about new Hella Comet full-length, Wild Honey. As expected, they brought his already stellar mix of Noise Rock, Shoegaze, Space Rock and so forth to a whole new level, delivering us probably one of the best 2013 albums so far. As if it isn't good enough, this piece is availabie for download @ their bandcamp in the name-your-price method. Well, this time I won't even wish you to enjoy it as I'm sure you will. :P


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  1. thanks! :) new album is going to be released in a few weeks!!! jure/hella comet