quinta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2013

Cochlear Kill

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia (it looks like the aussies have been really inspired lately, huh?), Cochlear Kill intends do craft what they call "hallucinogenic pop". Simply put, they mix feedback-fueled guitar lines with loops, vocoders and electronic/synthetic devices in order to create a magic and surrealistic atmospherics, something they succesfully accomplished. Many comparisions can be drawn, specially with modern Dream Pop/lo-fi ranging from Dråpe, Echo Lake, No Joy to Pure X, Neon Indian and such, although some MBV and Slowdive echoes can be noticed quite often here and there in some of their pieces.

They released only two album so far, the self-titled full length, from late 2011, and the 2010's Head To The Ether/Scarlet Sometimes single, both awesome works that really should be regarded for any fan of "unusual" (and delightful) Pop music out there. The debut album is available for free-streaming and download at the name-your-price scheme at their homepage, whose link can be found right below.

As usual, I hope you enjoy!


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