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Spökraket is a danish five-piece from the city of Aarhus, which assembled together in 2010, and since then has been dedicated to crafting some of the fuzziest Space Rock around the Earth. Using the DIY approach, as they mention on their self-description at their facebook page, they made some outstanding records in a very short range of time, starting by the 2011 All Art Is Propaganda, followed by the split with The Road To Suicide (a great band that has sadly decided to pull the plug in the last few weeks) on May 2013, and now the second full-length, Darling Adharma, which came to light on last September 7th. Although I just found out about them last week, I readily realized they're a highly distinguished act into the neo-psych boiling seas they're sailing, when '60 Garage Rock mixes with the brain-melting Krautrock sonic legacy, the bottomless darkness of Drone and the best moments of the '80-'90 Scene That Celebrates Itself dreamy, feedback-fueled sonic atmospheres. All their songs follow a mantra-like structure, based on the repetition of the rhytms and central melodies, or an extensive use of crescendos instead of focusing on chorus and apices as most musical structures follow, creating a sort-of ritualist atmosphere that very well fits their sound.

All their work released so far can be free-streamed right below, or purchased for US$5 or less, depending on the album. Spökraket is surely a band that all of you who are reading this right now should keep up in the next years, and to be talked about, having its name spread the farthest possible, as we all know the cosmos is not the limit.


2013 - Darling Adharma


2013 - Spökraket/Road To Suicide split

2011 - All Art Is Propaganda


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