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Bailter Space

Bailter space may be largley unknown here in the occidental world, but they are kind of underground heroes at their homeland, Christchurch, New Zealand. It's not hard to see why. They were formed in the already dusty 1987 and released a stream of gems until the mid-'90, being acclaimed by the press and gaining a cult following from those hungry for noisy and fuzzy sonicscapes, yet possessing a great sense of melody in all their work. Unfortunately, they disbanded and disappeared from the radar at '98 (like 98% of the first generation Shoegaze-and-related bands did), despite some solo concerts from one of the members (Alister Parker, more exactly) and a retrospective album released in 2004. They reformed at about 2008, played some gigs, had fun and, by 2012, released their first brand new material in almost one and a half decade. Named Strabosphere, it shows a mature band in a very good shape, making droning, abrasive yet hooky songs that will appeal a lot for those affictionated by the likes of Sonic Youth, Pixies (you can see echoes from Francis Black specially in the vocal lines), Jesus and Mary Chain and, obviously, their earlier work. 

It's always great to see many and many classical old school bands coming back and propagating their name (and increasing their legacy) for those who couldn't catch them at those sweet old times. Together with the new school incandescent bands that we're seeing lately, we can see a golden time about to come (if it's not here, already!).

//update: new album, Trinine, available for download right below. Enjoy!

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get it! (new link from Mega)

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