sexta-feira, 14 de junho de 2013


Bemônio consists of a Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, duo composed by Paulo Caetano, who's in charge with samples, synth, besides being the mind behind the project, along drummer Gustavo Matos. Differently from most of material posted in this space, Bemônio is all about Drone, Noise, Dark Ambient with a Sludge, free-style-ish improvisitional flavour. Its appearance to the world came not too long ago, at middle-2012, with the album Vulgatam Clementinam. Four months after, another full-length, Serenata, was born, and its latest record was released at May 5th, 2013, a single-track EP (divided in 9 "interludes") called Opscurum

Not only the production's pace of Bemônio is outstanding, but the art itself too. It's hard to figure out how they managed to achieve such high-level material in such little time! Bemônio's music is lugubrious, amorphous and deep, full of religious  and heretic provocations, and bold enough to incorporate elements of Sludge, Industrial and Doom Metal that would make masters of (really) heavy music like Neurosis, Godflesh, Melvins, Naked City proud of their vast influences. And proud is also me to see a great project emerging from the hot, sunny and chaotic vaults of my dear (cof cof). You can stream all Bemônio's work, besides free-downloading it, in the links right below. As I always say, I hope you enjoy! ;)


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