segunda-feira, 24 de junho de 2013


Introverts are a London-based (yeah, today is London day in this blog) duo composed by Dean, who's responsible for the lyrics, and Izzy (for the music). There's also a third member, Alex, who's in charge of the bass in the live line-up. Although they must be a relatively new band (there's no much information to be found, the band's name says it all...), they're already delivering us top-quality post punk in a modern, revitalized clothing. Of course, the classical references can be easily heard in their work, i.e., Joy Division, Sisters Of Mercy and the early, eerie and cold days of The Cure, however, they're not limited to this. Some Electronics and Shoegaze scent are included wisely in some moments, relating them to nowadays' hot names of dark-than-deepest-sea music such as The Soft Moon, Motorama and Soviet Soviet, just to give you a reference. 

I'll play a clairovyant now and tell you: pay attention to these guys. They're gonna be huge, and it's not going to take too long for that. You can check with your own ears what I've just written in the soundcloud links right below. 

Enjoy! ;)

To check what else they have in their extense soundcloud list, just click here and, if you wish to purchase their material, you can do it at their bandcamp right here. ;)

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