quarta-feira, 12 de junho de 2013

Colfax Abbey

Colfax Abbey (CA) is one of those great Shoegaze bands whose name was little spoken about and was melancholically forgotten by the tides of time. They come from Minneapolis, MN, USA, and started its activity somewhere in the first years of the '90, being one of the few, but brilliant, groups dedicated to flaming waves of sonic blast back then together with Half-String, lovesliescrushing, Alison's Halo, Swirlies, as well as the later Bowery Electric and Bethany Curve

They released two records, the Drop full-length and Penetrate EP, both at 1996. The first one received a little help from Keith Cleversey, the guy behing some of the nicest records of the early '90 such as Transmission From Satellite Heart (Flaming Lips), the single Medicine from the debut album of Spiritualized, as well as You'd Prefer An Astronaut (Hum), relying on heavily atmospheric, stellar tapestries much like Slowdive's Just For A Day with a more Drone-ish vein. It feels like gazing the elements and particles of Universe through blurry, multi-textured filters. On the other hand, the EP is more focused on Electronic and Ambient, reminding me a bit of, surprise surprise, Slowdive in its 5 EP, although the connection between both works are easily noticed, feeling much like an evolution from the earlier material. 

Finally, you can get a taste of CA's great work right below. For those into the more Ambient, cosmic side of the beautiful noise, there's no way you can go wrong with it. Just close your eyes, dream on and enjoy!

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