terça-feira, 10 de setembro de 2013

Flying Cape Experience

Flying Cape Experience (FCP) is one of the most pleasant surprises I've came across lately. It consists of a duo, Johanna and Akira Kosminen, from the beautiful (and sometimes beyond cold-ish) Finland, who started making music some years ago and recording, producing and mixing their own pieces of art since then. Their debut, Let's Sing More About The Eyes, was released on May 6th of 2013 by the netlabel El Vals de Conejo (whose owner is João Bispo, the mastermind behind the great Joaquim Barato, which was alredy featured on this same page some time ago ;) ), whose music consists of ethereal, swirling voyages into stellar realms. Classical references from 4AD acts (mainly Cocteau Twins and Swallow) and Projekt ensembles such as Love Spirals Downwards, Autumn's Grey Solace, etc. can be noticed, although they're not exclusively bound to the canonical definitions of the Dream Pop sphere in any sense, free-orbiting into Ambient and Folk very often as well as Psychedelia, thus providing new, multi-textured colours and shades to their already rich sonic tapestry.

By no doubts it's a very impressive debut and will crack a smile in any explorer of the deepest shadows of Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Ethereal, Darkwave and such. You can download it by the name-your-price method, as well as free-stream it (and freely download it) at their soundcloud page, all of them featured right below. I hope you enjoy! ;)


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