segunda-feira, 23 de setembro de 2013

Food Pyramid

Food Pyramid (FR) is a trio from Minnesota, USA, namely C. Hontona, C. Farstak and M. Weather, plus friends and special guests who highly (literally or not) contribute to enrich their sonic tapestry. Some folks classified FR's music on a forum as Krautrock v3.0, and isn't it true that it describes them very well? However, it would be too "generalist" to put them in a single weird label, as these guys push the boundaries of the constellations drawn by Neu!, Can, Tangerine Dream and such towards the Electronica, Glitch, Neo-psychedelia, Shoegaze and whatever-you-can-imagine, creating a multi-textured, ecclectic mixture of sound mushrooms melting in pure oneiric fire. Names like Spacemen 3, Silver Apples and Beak> (which, imo, is a perfect modern reference for them) are summoned easily when listening to their beautiful work.

You can find a link for their amazing latest album, Ecstasy and Refreshments (released last july) right below. As usual, I hope you enjoy!

get it!

get it!

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