terça-feira, 3 de setembro de 2013

Mixtape #21

Hello, ladies, gentlemen and aliens! The mixtape #21 of our cherished blog has "EP-exclusive songs" as its theme. Yeah, that means it features only songs released exclusively on EPs. For the newbies or those who were in coma in the last 20 ~25 years or so, most Shoegaze/Dream Pop bands (specially the oldschool ones) used to release most of their material on countless strings of EPs, where some of their brightest material can be found. In this mixtape, we've picked one song from some of the finest mini-albums of this blissful soundsphere, ranging from eternal classics such as Love's Easy Tears, the 1986 EP from Cocteau Twins, Curve stellar first EP, the 1991's Blindfold, as well as the laid-back psychedelica of Mesmerise EP (Chapterhouse) and the oneiric electronica of 5 EP from Slowdive. Besides, there are also new material as tracks collected from the majestic Airiel's 2012 EP called Kid Games, Whirr's 2013 EP Around and Blush, the latest EP from the scottish fuzzy assemble called The Cherry Wave. Some deeply obscure material were included as usual, e.g. Have You Heard EP by Headtime (an extremly -and criminally- unknown act from the same label of Chapterhouse, Cherry Red), Playtime EP from Sunshot, besides the phillipino Moscow Olympics, featured by the beautiful piece of Dream Pop-meeting-Post Rock song called Still.

As usual, the full tracklist and the download link can be found right below. Let's raise our gazes and ride the noisewaves into the spirals of inifity! ;)


get it!

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  1. I enjoy the mixtapes more and more. I am new to this music and I find something to enjoy in each mixtape I listen to. Thanks for your work.