sábado, 6 de outubro de 2012

Alligator Indian

I'm still trying to remember how I came across Alligator Indian at last.fm. I was just drifting through the artists page, when they suddenly appear. I found the band's name interesting, noticed they have free tracks on there, and gave it a try. When the song "Dark Fruit", probably their most succesful so far, streamed through my ears, I had, immediataly, that silly smile we draw when making a great discovery. Later on, I tried to find their full albums and saw they dropped their latest work, Spring, I'm in, at the name-your-price scheme at their bandcamp, and got it right away, and greatly happy to do that. 

At this point, you might ask me: "Why making such buzz about them?" "What do they have that makes them so special?" Well, they might not fit in the definition of genious or breakthrough-ers artitsts, but they were able to create something quite different from what we usually listen in a natural, easy-listening way. Matter of talent from them, plain and simple. Their musicanship is hard to label, and, sincerely, it's not needed. But if you want some references, imagine an Garlands-era Cocteau Twins stuck an vault of some kind of lysergic substance peppered with A Capella bursts of vocals and cooked in electronic beats. Despite of this, they're not some kind of frozen gloomy vamps. They're still able to open the vault sometimes and venture at the outdoor realms healthly, get some sunlight and put some Lo-fi/Surf Rock/Noise Pop/Post-whatever paranoid much in the vein of Vivian Girls or Teen Daze at their microcosmos. 

So, could you picture them out, by this description? Me neither. But I don't mind about that and so should you. Just check the link right below and have some fun! ;)

enjoy! (bandcamp)

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