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Tamaryn is a San Francisco duo consisting of Tamaryn herself (who's originally from the kiwi land, New Zealand)and Rex John Shelverton, who joined forces about the early 00's and since then dedicates themselves to a refined amalgamation between a bittwersweet Dream Pop and nostalgic Psychedelia. Which means you'll hear a lot of flaming walls of noise painted with the vulnerability and tenderness that made Cocteau Twins, Cranes and Slowdive cult around the Earth. In their case, both their maiden record, The Waves and the brand new Tender New Signs are very much alike, with he latter being a bit stronger and more diverse due to the maturity and self-confidence they probably earned at the road and the  support from the public and media they're having since then. Deserved, I must say. Both albums have a fluid quality, in the sense the songs stream very smoothly as they pass by your ears, evolving the listener in some kind of swirling celestial trance such that s/he won't feel like to going down to Earth so soon.

Even if they aren't contributing with something new and groundbreaking at the music world, they're mastering the art of crafting lush tapestries of sound. They surely deserve your attention and your love, in case you never have heard of them or just haven't listened enoughly.

update: New link for Tender New Signs besides links for Tamaryn's other records: '10 The Waves and '09 Led Ashtray Washed Ashore EP.

get it! (new link from Mega)

get it! 

get it!

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