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Mixtape #8 - Noisy songs for us rejects

Hello, guys!

This brand new mixtape is somewhat different from anything we did before when it comes to compiling songs. I was just scrolling down my music folder and saw a lot of stuff I didn't know or wasn't able to remember how it sounds like, so I just put them in my media player and gave them a listen. I realized immediatly that I have some long-forgotten gems in my playlist, so I quickly thought, "why not creating a mixtape with them?", and here it is, 14 songs composed of deeply obscure acts dedicated to Shoegaze, Noise Pop, Dream Pop and all its variations, as the Grunge-fueled Shoegaze of Smashing Orange, the sweeetness of Velocity Girl (for anyone into Lush, they're pure cream) and Swoon 23 (criminally underrated act that is mandatory for anyone into Slowdive and Cocteau Twins), Blind Mr. Jones with a flute-based (yes, flute!) Dream Pop-esque sound, the orientals gazers Astreal (Singapore) and Hartfield (Japan), the newcomers The Sunshine Factory and The Cherry Wave, just to give you a "small" sample.

All this underappreacited stuff makes me wonder why such bands are just sadly forgotten by almost everyone and shitty bands receive all kinds of praise and acclamation. Life is not fair, as everyone older than 5-6 years old know, and quantifying the reasons why didn't any of them become big or at least drew some cult following is a impossible mission, but, well, why not giving them space here and do my part of spreading their names as far as I can? 

So, here they are. Just drown into the fuzz madness and have some fun!

Velocity Girl - Copacetic
The Sunshine Factory - Head Becomes The Tomb
LSD And The Search For God - Starshine
A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Shy
Blind Mr. Jones - One Watt Before Darkness
Lilys - Black Carpet Magic
Astreal - Blush Response
Starflyer 59 - Hazel Wound
Glifted - Last In Line
Swoon 23 - Lunatic
Smashing Orange - Remember Kendra
The Cherry Wave - Godzillabloom
Hartfield - True Color
The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa - Swoony


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