sábado, 6 de outubro de 2012

Love Culture

About Love Culture, that's an excepert taken from their bandcamp page:

"Built on the aesthetic detachment of early shoegaze and Britpop and raised through the live visceral lens of modern indie rock, Love Culture creates an aural experience that rests more upon your fallen angel than your constant demon".

Many of bands description we see around can be quite obnoxious or even misleading, but that is not the case; it surely portrays what's Love Culture is all about, which means you will hear a lot of fuzzy screaming guitars driven by sweetened, delicated melodies, creating a strong link between what UK made in those golden years of the late-80/early-90 and what U.S. made at that same epoch, as if My Bloody Valentine and Smashing Pumpkins (at the early days) joined hands and walked at a park on partly cloudy day. 

Sounds exciting, huh? And that gets even better the more you listen. If you want to get their real flavour, there's their bandcamp link right below with name-your-price records (Aquamarine and Drag) at your orders. ;)

enjoy! (bandcamp)

enjoy! (bandcamp)

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