terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2012

Mixtape #10 - Girls and Synths

Sup, mates!

Our mixtape #10 is a bit different from what we've been bringing so far. It's much more electronic, but we're not trying to make you shake your booty on the dancefloor,mind you,it's a chilling kind of electronic which I cannot discern or label accurately (I suck big time at that). The songs I selected fit well whatever the occasion is, nice huh? There you go, first track you got Au Palais, and their track Because The Night, and this one is really exciting, it might make you even dance, if you allow yourself. But the following tracks are smoother, like Changelings, by Gazelle Twin, that is something like Fever Ray with Liz Fraser on vocals. We also have Fever Ray, with Coconut, Alligator Indian, a kinda new and DOPE lo-fi post-whatever duet,but you guys might already know cause we've put them in some previous mixtape. Then it's time to some Grimes, a more psychedelic and experimental electronic artist, her track Devon is so dreamy, a sort of electronic Cocteau Twins. I also put Lower Dens and their track Lamb, they came with a more electronic approach in their last album, and as captivating as usual, just like everything they do! The last two tracks are Lick The Palm Of The Burning Handshake, by Zola Jesus, I bet you already know her cause she's quite popular among the hipstas :P and The Heavens Turn By Themselves by Sleep ∞ Over, a very etherial track that make a perfect closure for this mixtape. And that's it, by the time you finish listening to it, you'll be relaxed, asking to marilize legajuana. Sorry for that, the heat of Rio is melting my brains already. 


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