quarta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2012

Sobre a Máquina

Hailing under the blazing sun of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sobre a Máquina was initially born as a three-piece Cadu Tenório (the head of the project), Emygdio and Ricardo Gameiro at around 2009, and since late 2011 has the presence of a tenor saxophonist Alex Z. However, one will not find any trace of the warm tropical music and landscapes that characterizes so strongly this city and made it famous worldwidely. In the early SAM phase, their music was basically focused in the Dark Ambient, Drone and Industrial spheres, whose major influenced included Nine Inch Nails, Einstürzende Neubauten, Throbbing Gistle, Swans and the list goes on. To put in another words, a perfect soundtrack for the urban bleak landscapes, rusty machines, smoke, concrete, carbon dioxide, subways, etc

That was already highly innovactive in terms of Brazil, but they wanted to go further. The following records featured a wider range of textures, colors and tastes in their musical universe, exploring New Jazz while still deepening in the Early Electronic realms. But that was not the limit for them. At their brand new work, self-titled, SAM reaches a whole new horizon in their state-of-art. Each one of the eight tracks that compose this album was carefully crafted in order to create an even deeper immersion into the grey-ish cosmos of solitude and tacit nihilism we all drown in the day-after-day urban life, using every resource possible in order to accomplish it: tapes collage, tape loops, field recordings, overdub, special microphones, and even more "unusual" instruments such as records of pieces of TV programs, fans, or even bicycle's wheels, bottles, sounds coming from the floor, etc. 

If that's not the best brazilian record of 2012, at least it's one of the most creative, I'm very sure of it. I'll leave a free download link, directly from the label (Sinewave) page. There you can find the former SAM works too. Besides, if you wanna refresh your damaged memory, you can get a taste of their work in mixtape #5, which is closed by the song "Língua Negra"  from the same artist.


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