quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2012

Sonic Jesus

""It's Velvet Underground, raped by Spacemen 3, dressed in neo-psychedelia, folk imprinted and shoegaze nuances. Their powerful wall of sound created by hypnotic melody and wild saturation of dark pulsating noise will take you on an unforgetable musical journey. "

That's a piece taken directly from the Sonic Jesus bandcamp, describing the band's sound. It couldn't be more accurate, to say the least, and I really mean it. It's a hard mission to find some (if any) information about the italian five-piece background, but why should one care? They made some of the most hypnotic and trance-like fuzz-embedded songs I listened at this year of 2012! If you are hungry or just thinking I went definitely crazy, just check their song "Underground" at youtube and you'll see what I'm talking about. Although there are many highly-talented bands carving the same path that SJ, from the very first notes you can notice they're making something special and has a still-unexplored potential that will be able to elevate them to celestial dimensions easily, and very soon. Their art is majestic, acid, ritualist, a delirium-fueled mantra that a few could accomplish specially if you consider it is just their debut material. 

For the psychedelic new generation dementia, like Dead Rabbit, The Cosmic Dead, Black Market Karma, The Warlocks, and eternal classics such as BJM and the aforementioned bands, you just can't live without plugging their self-titled EP into your rotten ears, whose bandcamp link can be found right below. 


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