quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2012

Mixtape #11 - Blackgaze


This is our mixtape #11, and it is all about Blackgaze, kinda modern idea, which I presume you already know... Basically, it consists on a blend between the grim world of Black Metal in its best shape with the dreamy and etherial atmospheres of Shoegaze and Post-Rock. 

We have compiled the main bands which some of them are widely known for this mix of sounds - heavy and shrieked vocals, blast beat drumming plus that marvellous shoegazer guitars we are familiar with. The themes are the same old yadda yadda whining about depression, desolation, suicide, nostalgy, exaltation of nature, etc. However, we have focused on the most shoegazing songs, after all, that's what we like, huh. 

So, our tracklist ranges from the already-classics of the genre, namely Les Discrets, Alcest and Amesoeurs, to newcoming talented people like the latvian Sun Devoured Earth, the dutch Hypomanie (already featured in this blog here), the yankee Airs and the aussie Lunaire. At the end, we have 12 songs which totalize 70 minutes of pure musical bliss. Finally, I drop the link to download it right below, hoping you enjoy it!

Paloma and Carlos


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