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Killing Chainsaw

During the late years of the '80 and the early '90, there were a myriad of cool bands appearing everywhere  in the world, which some people refer as the golden era of the Alternative Rock. Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Lo-fi, Grunge, Slowcore, Sadcore, that might be one of the best moments for an "outsider rocker" to enjoy, and makes me feel a bit sad, since I was born just in 1987 and couldn't see many of them. Simoutanealy, Brazil was struggling with one of the worst economic and political moments, and music, as any form of art, was just merely marginalized and no support could be found for those who . Fortunately, there were still talented people who created great stuff back then, even if they have never reached a good degree of recognition and died at the deep underground. Maybe the band that came closer to the spotlight was Killing Chainsaw

KC started its activities in the late '80 at a small city about 100 miles from São Paulo. Since their first efforts, compiled in an album called Early Demos from 1989. Even with the poor quality recording, you can notice there is something special about them. Strong influences from Sonic Youth, Pixies and what would be later characterized as "Seattle sound" were already present, bathed in dirt and madness. Since then, they got famous for their concerts whose fuzziness and energy of their music were amplified to a new order of magnitude, according for those lucky guys who went there in flesh n' bones. A new full-length came to life at 1992, the self-titled one, and it was followed by Slim Fast Formula, from 1994, their biggest hit. This one recorded with a great production and released by the "big" Roadrunner. Despite of the astonishing work and a unanimity even in american and european lands, the band had never launched. While the early demos and the self-titled displayed a Sonic Youth-esque sound crafted with a strong Grunge vein and some Shoegaze sprinkled here and there, SFF was mainly Grunge focused, incorporating Nirvana and Mudhoney best moments to their earlier verve and creating a seminal album. Sadly, by 1995, the vocalist/guitarist moved to another city and the band reduced their activities until the announciement of their official demise at 1998. 

After 20 years, they are getting the recognition they deserved since then, but got buried in the difficulties of communication and structured we suffered at those harsh times. Even if it's not directly connected to the Shoegaze and Dream Pop world, I think it's gonna appeal to most of you who's highly hooked in anything fuzzy and chaotic. ;)

get it! (new link from Mega)

get it! (new link from Mega)

get it! (new link from Mega)

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