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Destroyalldreamers was founded at the summer of 2002 in the city of Montreal, Canada. Since their earliest releases, they were dedicated to a mix between the intrincate soundcrafts of the Post Rock world and the oneiric tapestries of Shoegaze-meets-Dream Pop, which resulted in astonishing tracks  with an explosion impact worth of the biggest Supernovae we can find in the Cosmos. Besides a few EPs and a participation in the collection of Shoegaze covers titled Never Lose That Feeling, released in the mid-'00, they made two full lengths, À Couer Léger Sommeil Sanglant (2004) and Wish I Was All Flames (2007), both oneiric, surrealistical and owners of stellar beauty which I seldom found across the Post-Rock, Ambient and Shoegaze spheres, only comparable to some majestic acts like Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Epic45 and Belong.

I must say these guys were responsible to nurture my love for these kind of music back in the late 2006, early 2007, the time I found about these oozy sonic worlds, from the very first time I listened to The Sky Was Glorious For a Moment at their myspace, a song from their debut. After then, I digged deeper and deeper into these genres, finding out about Ride, Slowdive, Chapterhouse and so forth. Sadly, a bit after their sophomore effort was out, they split up and I've never heard any word about them. Currently, one of the band's previous members keeps a project with Aidan Baker, from the Drone Juggernaut called Nadja, while the others seem less active apart from some participation in the Montreal Orchestre and irrelevant stuff... (you should notice I'm being ironic, ok fellows?).

Well, no more talk. Just take a visit in the links below, in case you haven't heard anything from them yet. and enjoy it well!

get it! (new link from Mega)

get it! (new link from Mega)

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