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Swoon 23

Swoon 23 is probably one of the brightest forgotten gems of the old school Shoegaze, and remains largely unknown until these days, sadly. They were born at some point between the early and mid-90 in Portland, Oregon, which means they came to life just after the Grunge effervescence was cooling and fading. Despite of their geographical origin, they do not own anything related, sonically speaking, of their flanneled fellows. They looked to other directions, more specifically across the Atlantic ocean, and embraced a Shoegazer sound characterized by psychedelic guitars and ethereal vocals blended with occasional fuzz attacks, relating them very tightly with Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, Lush and the likes. 

During their career, they accomplished two full-lengths: Famous Swan Song (1995) - which I have never listened yet, sadly - and Legendery Pony Ether (1997), the latter featured right below. It contains everything a Dream Pop/Shoegaze lover worships: buried and incomprehensible vocals (well, not that buried, but still incomprehensible in most of the moments), blurred guitars, lush  melodies, i.e. sweetened soundscapes which are just perfect soundtrack to listen when working until late night or staying in the sofa, half-asleep, in a cloudy sunday doing absolutely nothing, just watching time passing by.

After the end of their activities at 1999, the vocalist Megan Pickerel joined another Dream Pop band, Hazelwood Motel, Matt Hollywood joined BJM for a while and Michael Keating is a live guitarist of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. That means they did not fall out of the orbit lately, however, Swoon 23 remains an obscure act, something I just can't accept due to their immense potential. Bad timing, maybe, sealed their lack of success. The mid to late '90 were cruel for the gazers and alternative rockers as a whole, almost everyone disappeared or disbanded. Only in the last 4-5 years or so this scenario changed and developed new life. Therefore, it's a crime that, with this newcoming people and bands, they are still hidden underneath the dust, and that's why I'm spreading its name here, in this humble space. I hope you enjoy it as deserved!

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