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Another integrant of the series "acts from the '90 that were criminally forgotten by the tides of time", Swallow was a british duo consisting of Mike Mason and Louise Trehy. They released their debut and cult-classic Blow at mid-1992 by 4AD. Yes, I said 4AD, and that gives you an idea of what Swallow is all about: Rock at its most refined state-of-art. Therefore, anyone who's into Cocteau Twins, Throwing Muses, A.R. Kane or associate acts like Slowdive, Ride, Chapterhouse and such will immediately fall in love with Blow, since every element of that Dream Pop-fueled Shoegaze (or would it be the opposite? can't tell) we all love can be found here in its excellence: sweetened distant vocals, almost whispered, as if it's coming from an ethereal dimension composed of hallucynogic mirages and broken dreams. Besides all these otherwordly feelings they evoke majestically, the duo is bold enough to paint some songs with a kinda of cosmic, pagan tone, specially at the second half of the album, such that you can hear a bit of their 4AD mates Dead Can Dance being summoned, a bit in the vein of what Lycia was doing by the early '90.

As you have already figured out, Swallow have never gotten the recognition and acclaim they deserved, and just faded into deep oblivion. They released an EP circa 1994 (which is nowhere to be found), and ended activities right after that. Again, I try to fix the past by spreading their name as far as I can, as such amazing band should never disappear from our line of sight.

Right below, you can find a link for the Blow records and its respective remix, Blowback, which contains alternative versions of Blow's songs, some of them better than the original ones. I hope you all appreaciate it!

get it! (new link from Mega)

get it! (new link for Mega)

ps: I am not responsable for the great amount of porn pics that appear when you google for the key words "Swallow" and "Blow" together, ok fellows?

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  1. I just started to following this blog and I've been "seeking for love" everything :D (not downloading because I have some problems with zippyshare :-/) ANYWAYS...thanks for all the good music and please keep doing it, Dudes!

    From Mexico :)

  2. Hello, Nice feature! I would like to talk to you about Mike Mason who is now working with an edgy new band "Superhand". Please drop me an email and I will send promotional information :)