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The band we feature today, cosmicdust, is probably one of the most enigmatic Shoegaze project out there., if it's not the one. It consists of a sole member, who calls himself Y.A.F., coming from Japan, and that's all we know about it. Projects like this are usually based on a extremly lo-fi sound recorded at its mentor's bathroom, based on the most extreme realms of underground music, such as Black Metal. But Y.A.F. does not use corpse paint (at least I don't think so) or burn religious temples (as far as I'm concerned), instead, he focuses his energy and creativity on making sonic maelstroms fueled by surreal attacks of feedback that drive simple and sweet melodies. The vocals? deeply buried, of course! Does it sound familiar? 

Yep, his works share a great similiarity with My Bloody Valentine @ Loveless era (not otherwise, at the last couple of 2012 days, people said a new MBV song leaked but, actually, it was a song from... cosmicdust!). If it wasn't for the total absence of female vocals, one could easily say it's one of those unreleased MBV albums. However, it's not about cloning Loveless (at least not only), as it's possible to see cosmicdust carving its own identity as they push all his fuzz worshipping into a more extreme level than Kevin Shields usually do (as far as we know), much in a Astrobrite vein. Besides, it's possible to catch the Slowdive-esque breezes (sic) spiralling here and there and some Dark Ambient/Drone interludes that aren't very usual in the Shoegaze realms despite a few exceptions (USA bands, for example), giving a more dreamy and softer scent to all the noise madness.

Therefore, you can taste his two works released so far, the full-length Snow Noise Assemblage, from 2006, and the EP Enjoy Everything (2008), in the links right below. That's it, I hope you enjoy it!

enjoy!  (new link from Mega)


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  1. hi! I tried to download the Enjoy Everything EP, but when I try to open the zip file they're asking for a password. Can you help?

  2. Olá Brazilian seekers!!
    Gostaria de pedir encarecidamente, se for possível é claro de vocês fazerem novamente o upload do álbum do Cosmicdust - "Snow Noise Assemblage".
    E gostaria de parabenizá-los pelo excelente blog e que continuem com esse trabalho maravilhoso!!
    Agradeço desde já!!
    Abraços aos loverswhoareseekers!!!

  3. ¿Puedes volver a subir Snow NOise Assemblage en 320 kbps? Obrigado

  4. porfavor podrias actualizar el link de P Snow NOise Assemblage en maga?