sábado, 26 de janeiro de 2013


What happens when two guys - Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones - from New Orleans blend shoegaze with synthesizers? An awesome wave of sound,fuzz, and guitar textures come alive. They started with an EP called Tour, and their first album, October Language, both from 2006. October Language was born inside Dietrich's bedroom around 2004, so hopeless,sad, with whirling guitars, dreamy melodies and therefore, rich. Their following works are two EPs called Colorloss Records and Same Places, both from 2008. Their next album, Common Era, is the cherry on the pie! They add dronish elements which boosts its beauty! Or recalling what Vítor Hugo, a good friend of ours, said: "Common Era is poetry in grey shades of sizzling".

And if  you are still hesitating to download it, give them a check. That's the video for their track Perfect Life. Love at first listening guaranteed.


Paloma Mondego.

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