quinta-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2013

Jessica Bailiff

Although the name of Jessica Bailiff wasn't familiar to my ears until late 2012, she's out there on the road since 1998, at least, the year she released her debut album. After some research, I found out she has already released a handful of albums, each one following a musical direction, but mainly centered in the Shoegaze, Slowcore, Folk spheres, sprinkled with tiny drops of Post-Rock. Her latest release,  At the Down-turned Jagged Rim of the Sky, is an amalgamation of the dreamlike world of Slowdive-esque Shoegaze, the cosmic droning of Flying Saucer Attack (with who she collaborated in the past), the slowtempo introspection of Low, and even the eerie, haunting atmospheres which brings Chelsea Wolfe current works up to our minds. Each song has its own subtitles (like Hail to the Thief from Radiohead), going from utterly swamped bleakness in some moments to angelic fuzzed bliss in others although she never loses that feeling (oops!) and make easy-listening and easy-enjoyable songs in each pole.

For sure, it was one of the greatest albums of 2012, although I (unfortunately) listened to it only in 2013. Otherwise, you would see her in the mixtape #12 for sure. But better late than never, as one should say. So, I hope those still unfamiliar to her enjoy it as well! ;)


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