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Rising from the ashes of Joe Lan & The Jing Jang Jong, we have Toy. Quite a simple name, and the same goes for their debut album, self-titled, which will make many think this british five-piece lack imagination and make boring and bureacratic music. But as soon as one listens to the first notes of this album,  he or she will realize how wrong they were, since Toy is nothing but a factory of crativity and sonic candy. They venture at the cosmic channels of Psychedelic Rock and the enigmatic fog of Shoegaze spheres, however, their songs have a Pop dress that makes their songs not only ear-friendly, but capable of creating a highly pleasant experience for the listener in a very easy way. If you wish some comparision, I can say you'll notice a lot of influences coming from the ol' good masters of lysergia (early Floyd, Syd Barrett solo, Neu!, and Spacemen 3, to name a few), the noise lords of Jesus and Mary Chain, the neo-psychedelic BJM and the dark-than-deepest-sea The Horrors (not coincidently, Toy supported them at 2011 during an UK tour and are highly regarded by those guys. Take a listen to the song #8, "Strange", and you'll notice their direct influence at their art conception too). 

To sum it up, Toy is a rough gem that is already delivering some amazing music out there, then imagine what they're capable in a few years, if they keep on the evolutive curve they seem to be tracking right now. Mandatory for everyone into the lysergic side of the force and suffer no sickness in space travels. ;)

get it! (new link from Mega)

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