terça-feira, 19 de março de 2013

Last Leaf Down

Hello, guys! Yeah, I know it's been a long cold winter since the last post. As I said in the fb page, these last days were quite harsh for me, but now we're back on the track.

Last Leaf Down was formed circa 2003 at Switzerland. In its earliest incarnation, they were dedicated to early Katatonia-based Doom Metal, but as time passed by, they evolved their sound in a less metallic fashion, following a Shoegaze with hints of Dream Pop and Post Punk approach. However, the melancholic vibe of the past was still there, burning and shining, carving their music in such a way that we can notice influences of The Cure, Autumnblaze, Astral, Anathema, Slowdive (Souvlaki era), etc. which may appeal even for those who relate with the soft, softest side of Blackgaze.

As a final result, these are dreamy, late-afternoon songs for autumn days by a band that is still exploring its real potential, and doing very well, by now, in doing that. The result of it can be tasted at the bandcamp link right below, as well as the soundcloud link for the best song from LLD (imo).

enjoy! (bandcamp)

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