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The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa

TEOST is probably one of the most exotic and largely unknown band from the very first generation of Shoegaze. Born in Czech Republic (actually, Czechslovakia at that time), they were dedicated to the fuzz worshipping in its original shape, making devastating records such as the first EP, Pigments, and the debut album Sussurrate (featured at the bottom of the page, in case you don't feel like reading me :P ), then shifting its musical semblant to something more Ambient, lysergic and pastoral, as a Pink Floyd meeting Cocteau Twins in the following records circa '93-'94. From the year 2000 to now on, they are roaming in trip hop-ish/loungy landscapes, creating more "cosmopolitan" and synthetic sounds although Shoegaze still makes its appearance in some isolated moments of fury. 

But let's talk more about their earlier, Shoegaze phase. They didn't hide the fact they drew much inspiration from My Bloody Valentine, specially in the Isn't Anything era (the drumming owe a lot to Colm's brilliancy in that album), but their music is not limited to that. That means your ears will be burned with some of the most psychotic, urgent, woozy and grinding sonic assaults first-generation Shoegaze EVEN if compared to their british mates. The production is not that great, but I think just a few would really mind to it, since this charactheristic of them gave the album a wilder, lo-fi flavor that was rarely seen from those oldschool bands (well, Swirlies were an exception). As a parallel, think of a more raw and less psychedelic version of In the Presence of Nothing, by Lilys which, coincidently or not, was released almost simutaneously with Sussurrate. Or a much fuzzier and more acid version of Pale Saints. Then you'll have a picture of what they sounded like filtered by a blurry window in a foggy late-autumn morning. 

Although they're enjoying a greater recognizement now than in its darker and muddier days, they made such incandescent register of unpolished Shoegaze that REALLY shouldn't be forgotten by its loyal and passionate scene that is always celebrating itself. 


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