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Depression is the solo project from Jason Ellis, original from Philadelphia, USA. According to his own words, that's what Depression is all about: 

"Depression is basically the music i write thats too cold/dark for Under the Wire. I am 24 years old and besides these 2 projects ive only been in 1 other band when i was 16 and it was garbage. so growing up i didnt really have music as an outlet i was just your average teenage lost soul. did alot of things im not proud of and i decided to make music that reflected on those bad times(i.e. the name depression),  so The ep is called " Out of Medication" which is coming out on patetico recordings (shishi,stellarscope,panophonic,drowning dreams, the playing fields) "Out of Medication' is basically stating the obvious... im out of medication and this is my cold version of life."

That's an excerpt of an interview he did with the majestic blog The Blog That Celebrates Itself in this post. And the description couldn't be more accurate, as anyone can feel the gloomy dementia that surrounds all his songs. However, Depression is not all about utterly opressive music, as one should be wondering by now. Instead of making quasi-static forms of Doom Metal, or extremly lo-fi bathroom-demo of Black Metal "songs", he explores the realms of Dream Pop, Electronica, Darkwave and Witch House with a Lo-fi-esque flavor. Those who admire the likes of Fever Ray, Alligator Indian, Gazelle Twins, new gazers like Disappears or "oldskull" juggernauts such as Bauhaus, New Order and Siouxsie and The Banshees will surely dig Depression's work with a great smile in their faces (no, I don't mean do be ironic...)

Finally, you can take a listen to his music at the link right below, which directs you to the bandcamp page of his EP, Out of Medication, which is also part of the Fund for Danny Lackey beautiful iniciative by the gazers around the globe. It's only 6 bucks the whole EP, a more-than-reasonable price for the big talent of Jason. So, Depression is defintevly a name worthy paying attention to in the near future, because we'll surely hear a lot about it in the following months and years, and that would be more than deserved.

//Upping this post to drop here Jason's latest work, Smashed Teeth EP. It's as amazing as his previous effort, or even better than it! The lyserigc electronic vein is even thicker now, developed in a more refined aesthetics, and it will surely please the fans of the afore mentioned bands. I hope you enjoy it too! :)



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