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Sounds Of Sputnik

Sounds of Sputnik, or simply SoS (great acronnym, right?) is a Moscow-based solo project by Roman Kalitkin. As the name suggests, SoS inspiration is heavily drawn by Space Rock and the mesmerizing beauty of our beloved Universe. It would be good enough for many of us, howerver, it's way more than this. His music is a rich amalgamation of sonic influences that ranges from the classical Shoegaze and old school Alt Rock bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Jesus & Mary Chain, Slowdive, Sonic Youth, Happy Mondays, etc. to modern incarnations of Post Rock, Ambient and Shoegaze, making names such as Mogwai, jesu, Hammock, God is an Astronaut come to our mind easily. All the songs are instrumental, exploring not only ambiences and walls-of-sound taken directly from cosmic travels, but also electronics, samples, drones, besides beautifully melodies peppered with a lot of dissonance, thus creating sonic tapestries that fit perfectly for reflecting, reading an Arthur C.Clarke (or an Isaac Asimov) book and taking a journey through the stars. 

SoS has no EP or full-length released officially, but there is one scheduled for the summer of 2013), just a few songs uploaded in the Soundcloud and Youtube. Thanks to Shauna (Ummagma - with whom Roman colaborated with the song Live and Let Die, from their also-astonishing Antigravity album), I could get his songs at my hands. There are 8 pieces of incandescent beauty and sonic delight to be found around myspace, youtube and such, that should not only satisfy any Post Rock, Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Space Rock, etc etc etc fans, but make they hungry for more and more.

For now, I provide to all of you Shades Of Cosmos and Visualization, two free tracks for download a@ soundcloud, besides Blizzard, another remarkable tune, so you can get a good taste of what Roman's Sputnik is crafting lately. I hope you enjoy it!

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