segunda-feira, 1 de abril de 2013


Orange is not arguably the most obscure Shoegaze/Dream Pop I've came across in my (almost) 26 years of existence. The little information I've found tells they're british and released only one self-titled full length at 1994, besides a cassette at 1993 and two singles at 1990 and also at 1993. Their soundscapes do not hide the influences of the Dream Pop masters like Cocteau Twins, Cranes, Lush, Swallow and similars, such that Orange could fit more than perfectly in the 4AD catalogue back then. 

Unfortunately, times were cruel for the lovegazers in those years, probably the reason why they didn't survive much longer. But, most important than all, they recorded an amazing compilation of hazy and delirious pieces that really shouldn't be forgotten, as it must behappening since its release. Right below, you can taste Orange's full length added with assorted tracks from the singles, the cassette and a 4AD cover tribute, where they played an amazing version of Pixies' Gigantic. I hope you enjoy it as deserved! ;)


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  1. Excellent band its a shame they don't exist anymore, I always thought they were from S.F. Ca. I have even their beautiful song: fallen buildings from the c'est la mort compilation, their 4-AD comp. and thier only full c.d.,I would hope they could get together someday in the future and keep doing this awesome music!