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Half String

Hello, gazers and travelers! 

The post of today is about Half String (HS). Similarly to most of the bands I've been featuring on this virtual space lately, this one is also an underrated piece from first (or second)-generation Shoegaze whose name was forgotten by the tides of time, and a scene that was sadly fading away back to those days. HS was formed in Arizona at 1991 by the hands of Tim Patterson, Brandon Capps and Kimber Lanning, attracting some attention due to Beautiful Noise Festival, whose first edition happened almost 20 years ago (April 30th, 1993) and the second took place at early 1995, revealing some über alternative future icons such as Alison's Halo, lovesliescrushing and Soul Whirling Somewhere

HS's music can be described as a "Shoegaze-y", owing more to Pale Saints delicate proto-Shoegaze (or a 'simplified', less drowsing version of Ride) with tiny drops of Slowcore/Sadcore. Each song of their only full-length, A Fascination With Heights (1996), carries an early-autumnal feeling with them, which gives quite refreshing flavours and tones to the already bashed out Shoegaze typical formulae by that time. 

As usual, they parted ways at 1997 and Half String's name was forgotten by almost everyone, even by the most diehard gazers. Very sad and unfair, to say the least. That's why I drop an 'A Fascination With Heights" link right below, to see if it re-ignites the oldschool gazer's memories, or if HS reaches a better recognition standard among newcoming people who likes staring blankly at their shoes (like me). 

get it!

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