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Various Artists

Hello, fellas.

This post is quite different from what I'm used to do. This time, I'm posting not only one band, but five in a single post. Thanks to Nicole Davis, who contacted me a couple of weeks ago, I had the chance of putting my ears into refreshing brand new bands upcoming in the blooming USA scenario. Right below, I'm dropping a few words about it and let a link where you can stream their work: 

Cement Stars: 

Cement Stars is a four-piece ensemble which performs a very nice Alternative Rock with a strong Dream Pop-y flavour. Synths are usually present, contributing to give a delicate, soothing touch in their songs, although some uplifting moments are present too. Passable Ghosts and Run With The Night are the highlights among 6 great tracks that you can take a listen here! 

Knives and Daggers

Amazing ensemble dedicated to an atmospheric and majestic Post-Rock which seems highly inspired by Mogwai, jesu and, in some moments, the cinematic tapestries crafted by gy!be. Shoegaze influences can be easily noticed too, specially Loveless-era My bloody Valentine. It's been a long time since I've listened such great Post Rock like them! 

To stream KaD work, just click here!


Hailing from Seattle by the hands of Peter Michael, Hibou ventures into a sunnier, delicate and modern Dream Pop microcosmos. Comparisions with Deerhunter, Lotus Plaza and Wild Nothing can be drawn, but Hibou has its own identity already carved, even though the project is still far from its peak creativity. It's possible to stream all his songs here!



Modern Man: 

Swirling Noise Pop/Shoegaze born by the hands of David Allen Glenn, from South Carolina. Initially a solo project, the songs are dense, sometimes groovy and always multi-textured. They're a must for any fan of Ceremony, Skywave or R.M. Hendrix, even though It's not hard to notice influences drawn from Sonic Youth too 

To stream, just click here!

Little Bull Lee

Initially a solo project of Donald Doolittle from Charlotte, NC, Little Bull Lee's sound is quite difficult to define, since it explores Alternative Rock, Noise, Psychedelia and even Folk and Sludge to craft its dense and enigmatic sonic atmospheres with a lo-fi vein. Attacks of fuzz and feedback, which are characteristic of Shoegaze, are commom too. LBL work can be tasted here!

Once again, I thank Nicole Davis for these great discoveries! They have plenty of undeveloped potential and are able to reach even higher flights very soon, therefore, don't be surprised if you see more from them very soon. Enjoy! ;)

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