terça-feira, 23 de abril de 2013

No Joy

No Joy (NJ) is a two-girl duo consisting of LA's Jasmine White-Glutz and Montreal's Laura Lloyd, which started actitives at late 2009. Not much later, Jasmine moved to Montreal and the duo started playing at concerts, drawing attention from Best Coast (with whom they shared the stage in NJ very first concert) and signing to their label, Mexican Summer, who's also home of bright Dream Pop acts such as Tamaryn

After the lo-fi-esque Dream Pop attack of their debut, Ghost Blonde, released at late 2010, the duo came back with Wait To Pleasure (WTP), whose official release date is today, april 23th. WTP is a good evolution from their debut, featuring a fuller and richer sound than its predecessor, mixing a modern approach of Dream Pop with occasional attacks of fuzz and Electronics, besides strong Ambient influences which gives a foggy, enigmatic and amorphous flavour to each song. The final result can be compared to the works of acts such as The Bilinda Butchers, Young Prisms, Minks, Echo Lake and the list goes on. 

Probably, the duo won't change the direction of modern music or even the Shoegaze microcosmos, but they were able to craft a highly pleasant (sic) collection of 11 songs which are perfect for taking a walk in a park in sunny weekends or to be enjoyed in an alternative night club. 

As usual, I hope you enjoy it!

get it!

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