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Mixtape #18 - Gazin' the Earth

Hello, fellas!

Yeah, I took a little longer than I expected, but here we are with the 18th mixtape. This is a "special edition" mixtape, where I compiled 40 songs from Shoegaze-and-related bands from many different places of our beloved planet. Therefore, it's divided in 4 parts: Asia, Europe, Latino America and US/Canada/Australia/New Zealand, each region represented by 10 songs. This way, we can appreciate not only the beautiful noises that are crafted worldwide, but that we're not alone in our love for feedback, fuzz and oneiric melodies. Therefore, there are a few links right below, if you want to download each segment separatedly or in a bundle, as well as the tracklist.

I hope you enjoy it! ;)


Cruyff In The Bedroom - Ukiyogunjou (Japan)
Jellybelly - Illusion Dream (Indonesia)
Vidulgi OoyoO -  Elephant (South Korea)
Luminous Orange - Turbo R (Japan)
Purple Bloom - Lucid Dream (Japan)
Astreal - Death & Glitter (Singapore)
Candyaudioline - An Empty You (Phillipinas)
Stellarium - Fader (Singapore)
My Violaine Morning - 99 Miles (Indonesia)
Swirling Light - Neon (Thailand)

 get it!


Bailter Space - Projects (New Zealand)
dici - Stars Above (Canada)
Medicine - Candy Candy (USA)
Tamaryn - Ashore (New Zealand + USA)
deardarkhead - Surf's Up (USA)
Bowery Electric - Deep Sky Objects (USA)
Swirl - Tears (Australia)
Young  Galaxy - Blown Mind (Canada)
Highspire - Glass In My Mouth (USA)
Destroyalldreamers - Swirling Colours Sink (Canada)


93MillionMilesFromTheSun - Waiting There (UK)
The Ecstasy of St. Theresa - Honeyrain (Czech Rep.)
The Raveonettes - Dirty Eyes (Sex Don't Tell) (Denmark)
pinkshinyultrablast - Blaster (Russia)
The Radio Dept. - Ewan (Sweden)
Catherine Wheel - Ursa Major Station (UK)
Singapore Sling - Godman (Iceland)
Be Forest - Your Specters (Italy)
Pia Fraus - Birds Still Swing (Estonia)
Malory - Spring (Germany)

Latino America: 

Bosques - Amniosis (Argentina)
Low Dream - Treasure (Brazil)
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - The In Between (Mexico)
Collasonic - Sur (Bolivia)
Espira - Bajo Tus Sueños (Peru)
Mi Andromeda - Lisergico III (Chile)
Medialunas - Memorabilia (Brazil)
Un.Real - Electroplex (Puerto Rico)
The Exils - Un Ojo Al Gato (Mexico)
Ultravelvet - Portales De Cromo (Peru)

...or, if you want every segment in a bundle: get it here!

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