terça-feira, 16 de abril de 2013


The KVB is a very mysterious band. I couldn't find much information about them, except it seems a project from Klaus Von Barrel, guitarist of Suicide Party, and comes from UK. Well, I wonder most of you do not know much about them (neither do I, I must say; I've only listened to a couple of songs from SP a while ago, and they sound great, btw. Maybe I can drop them here in the near future... something to think about), so I'll explain what you'll find here with the KVB: a cavernous and hallucynogic Shoegaze dressed in Post-punk/Coldwave skin. Yeah, that means you'll find darker than the deepest sea harmonies and bleak vocals, with everything deliciously mixed with synthetizers, fuzzy guitars and icy keys. Yeah, there's a lot of electronics here, too, but used as a background and not as a main power plant. 

For those fond of the early days of Jesus And Mary Chain and The Cure, or Echo And The Bunnyman, Joy Divison (of course), the french Darkwave and new names (or not-that-old ones) such as Skywave, The Soft Moon and, surely, Suicide Party, that's surely your cup of tea. ;)

update: Brand new KVB album, Immaterial Visions, right below. Enjoy!

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