quinta-feira, 4 de abril de 2013


The brothers Nic and Derek Sheehan, although unheard names for almost everyone, have already made some buzz n' fuzz under The Tweeds name a couple of years ago. Now, together with Tom Anthony and Emily Cahill, they re-appeared calling their project as Weekender, one of the coolest upcoming bands I've come across in 2013. They're dedicated to a Shoegaze-y sound that mixes the swingy noisepoppers melodies of Honey's Dead era's JA&MC with the lysergic insanity of Madchester scene. Of course, some "pure" Shoegaze moments can be heard too, reminding us the best moments of the so-beloved Whirpool, from Chapterhouse, as well as more "pure" psychedelic passages that bring BJM quickly to our melted minds. 

Therefore, I drop their Spanish Speaks EP, released on March 19th, which can be purchased by the name-your-price scheme. They are the greatest example of Shoegaze made for alternative parties as well as for walking in the park in a late-summer windy afternoon or for taking a (bad?) trip to the deepest realms of one's mind. So, just buckle up and have fun!

enjoy! (bandcamp)

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