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Mixtape #16 - Assorted Candies

Hello, fellas.

Here we go again with another mixtape. But we are featuring something different, this time. Instead of focusing on a single theme, we decided to focus on many. Therefore, you'll find a bigger-than-usual mixtape divided in 5 smaller parts, each one containing 8 songs dedicated to a single style of Shoegaze and related. 

The first of them consists of Classical First Generation Shoegazer bands, such as Ride, Lush, Swervedriver and Adorable (I never put Adorable in a mixtape before... shame on me!). The second is about delicate atmospheres to embrace you while (day)dream, such as Cocteau Twins (impossibiru not to cite them, isn't it?), Blonde Redhead, Cranes and the deeply obscure Insides (does someone know/remember them?), whereas the third is focused on the Z-side of Shoegaze,  e.g. Majesty Crush, Aenone, An April March (they were present in mixtape #2) and the brazucas of Brincando De Deus, original from the sunny lands of Salvador. All of them sadly forgotten masterpices who should be recognized properly by then and are acclaimed by just a few even now. The fourth segment is probably the most challenging of them, whose theme is Post Rock bands which flert with Shoegaze, for example God is an Astronaut, Sigur Rós, jesu, Hammock. To sum it up, beautiful songs for a voyage to stellar dimensions, don't you agree? Finally, the fifth and last part features some of the best fuzz that's been made in the last decade, e.g. the upcoming brazilian talent of Inverness, the aussie surprise of Airling, the shining Ucranian-Canadian Ummagma, all of them mixed with the "veterans" of Airiel and Astrobrite.

As a whole, we have a great compilation of 40 songs that can be broken into 5 different collections. A great package of assorted candies for your eardrums, isn't it? Since I'm a very nice guy as you all know it (right, Paloma Mondego?), I created 5 links for each segment, as well as a single link @ 4shared where you can get them in a bundle. As always, I hope you enjoy it! :)

Part 1 - Classical Gazers:

My Bloody Valentine - Nothing Much To Lose
Pale Saints - Sight Of You
Swervedriver - Harry & Maggie
The Telescopes - High On Fire
Ride - Unfamiliar
Lush - For Love
Chapterhouse - Mesmerise
Adorable - I'll Be Your Saint

enjoy! (part 1)

Part 2 - Dreamchasers:

Blonde Redhead - Here Sometimes
Cranes - Lillies
Dif Juz - Silver Passages
Wild Nothing - Shadows
Insides - Distractions
Tamaryn - I'm Gone
Cocteau Twins - Pandora
Drowner - Chime

enjoy! (part 2)

Part 3 - Obscure noise:

Blueshift Signals - Seven Natural Scenes
Moonshake - Gravity
Brincando De Deus - Spleen
Ultra Cindy - Eusebio
Aenone - Celestia
Submarine - Dinosaurs
Majesty Crush - Uma
An April March - My Reverie

enjoy! (part 3)

Part 4 - Post Rockers who likes to stare at their shoes:

God Is An Astronaut - Frozen Twilight
Belong - A Walk
Cecilia::eyes - For The Fallen
Sigur Rós - Njósnavélin (The Nothing Song) a.k.a. Untitled #4
jesu - Veiled
Below The Sea - Pigments
Exxasens - Spiders On The Moon
Hammock - Disappear Like The Morning...

enjoy! (part 4)

Part 5 - New fuzz:

Pink Playground - Sunny Skies
The Sunshine Factory - Twisted And Clover
Inverness - See You In The Morning
Ummagma - Kiev
Airiel - Stratosphere
Stagnant Pools - Maze Of Graves
Astrobrite - Cherryflavor Burst
Airling - For All The Lady's Hire

enjoy! (part 5)

Or, if you don't like downloading several parts separetedly and have a good internet connection... 

enjoy! (all parts put together)

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