segunda-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2013


Airling is a quite mysterious band that I came across last Sunday morning. I found literally no information about the band members, when they started activities and such, just a bandcamp profile telling the project comes from the aussie lands of Melbourne. But, okay, let's skip this part and talk about the music itself. At their bandcamp, one can get the self-titled EP for free (totally free, not the name your price scheme), which constains a collection of 5 beautiful pieces of art that provide us the best of what this new generation of Shoegaze can offer. They don't re-invent the wheel, or do any kind of wacko experimentalism. They simply craft their own wheel with passion and naturality, giving it a super fresh flavour that tastes so pleasant you'll feel like spinning this ep over and over again! 

Airling is the proof that great music has no time and place to happen, or even needs a face or an image to boost its quality. It just requires passion and a good amount of feeling to let it gain its own flesh, bones and shape. If you doubt me, just check the link right below and give it a good listen. I'm sure you'll listen to each song with a silly smile in your face. 

enjoy! (bandcamp)

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